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Family History is a Team Game: The Collaborative Journey of Unearthing Our Ancestral Past — 26 Comments

  1. Thank you Andrew. I encourage all researchers to read this article. Indeed family history is a collaborative effort.

  2. A great article Andrew. I particularly like the accompanying images. And whilst they are AI generated you obviously used very specific prompts that have created such engaging images

    • Thanks Christopher & pleased you enjoyed the images. Crafting prompts is a skilll I am gradually developing. I plan to write about AI in a future blog, including image generation. Stay tuned.

      • Christopher, we agree, a great article. Andrew’s next GSQ Blog is due to be released on 1 July 2024. It will be posted in our GSQ Home Page link (down the bottom of the page) and also on our GSQ Facebook Page.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more Andrew and like Jill can’t wait to see this presentation face to face. Many of my great leaps forward in research have been due to guidance, suggestions or help from others.

    • Thanks so much Alex. Family History is really about standing alongside and on the shoulders of others. How fortunate we are to have some generous people with us on the journey. Will keep you posted re the face to face event.

  4. Fantastic blog Andrew. A special thank you for recognising the brilliant work of librarians and archivists in our community. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing collections is such a big part of the collaborative effort.
    I really love the final image of the researchers weaving the tree.

    • Thanks Vanessa. Our librarians and archivists are the unsung heroes and have always found they go out of their way to help, almost as if it’s their ancestor. And that last image is my favourite too. Thanks for reading & commenting.

  5. Great post! Agree, wholeheartedly! P.S. I see you are taking advantage of mutiple facets of the AI world here; good for you! 🙂

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