GSQ BlogAustralian convictsAn Irish Lass: Catherine Hawe/Howe (1802- 1862).


An Irish Lass: Catherine Hawe/Howe (1802- 1862). — 2 Comments

  1. Congratulations Yvonne. Well researched and written, bringing the life of a young Irish convict woman to life and adding to the stories of women in the early colony. I had to re-read the beginning to realize that your DNA had proved you were not biologically related to her, as you write “In a strange twist” you did the test “to enhance my family history information”.

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for the feedback. I probably didnt have to say anything about the DNA test. Maybe I should have added a bit more information. Its hard when you know the story so well and are editing it down. The twist was that I had done a lot of research on Catherine and her extended family and had grown quite fond of her. I did the DNA test because I wanted to find out some information about another part of my family, and in so doing it was confirmed that Catherine and I were not biologically related. But I am still fond of her.

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