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Breaking into Gaol Records. — 3 Comments

  1. A fascinating story of overturning prior “beliefs” about Hannah’s arrival. How very fortunate that she’d been in trouble that time, leaving traces in the system.

  2. In Fr John Therry’s Papers at State Library of NSW, he made the correct notation: Hannah Lee, Royal George’.

    Please note that this marriage did not occur in St Mary’s Chapel,Sydney – this church was not opened until the mid 1830s.

    The marriage likely took place in a private home or in the ‘temporary’ Catholic Chapel in Castlereagh Street

    • Dear Damian: How lovely to hear from you again. I bow to your superior knowledge of the RC church in this period and stand corrected. Where possible I will alter all records accordingly. In the Col Sec applications by Therry, the exact place is not specified so this must have been an assumption made dozens of years ago. Warning to all researchers: Watch carefully not to assume – we ALL do this from time to time. I really appreciate your correction – and best wishes with your own research. Jenny H.

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