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Dara, the Archbishop’s Palace and a wedding. — 6 Comments

  1. A very interesting article, and I now understand so much more about that part of Brisbane city, so thank you Catherine!

    • Thanks Fleur. I am learning more about the place I grew up in as well. A book I really enjoyed while reading up on the topic, was The Mayne Inheritance by Rosamond Siemon. Archbishop Dunne was a friend of the Mayne family. You might enjoy reading it.

  2. Thanks Catherine. Very interesting. I saw a play about the Mayne family about 20 years ago in Brisbane. I learnt lots about our early history then too.

    • You probably recognize the writing challenge,’How our grandparents met”? from the GSQ Writing Group. I have another book, but it is very heavy going, which I ‘inherited’ from my aunt Sr Judith aka Sr Thomas Aquinas, titled ‘Robert Dunne, Archbishop of Brisbane’ by Neil J. Byrne. Being able to focus in on one topic seems to be a successful formula for a blog. Judith is the one standing at right in back row, twin of Zita standing at back far left.

  3. Thank you for a fascinating story Catherine, I imagine Brisbane was a tight knit community in that era and it would be interesting to see how many families had the privilege of marrying in the Archbishop’s private palace. There are likely to be many descendants still in Brisbane. I believe Eileen should be given special recognition, imaging having all five daughters taking Holy Orders.

  4. Thanks Rosemary. I couldn’t resist putting in the photo of my grandmother with her daughters, my father’s sisters. They were Sisters of St Joseph, Mary Mackillop’s order and oftern referred to as the Brown Joeys.

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