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“Grab & Go” or “Go Slow” — 8 Comments

  1. Slow is good! As a change from looking for direct ancestors I make little projects about more distant relatives… cousins and grand aunts .. who died young. It’s fascinating as they are not really remembered by anyone. One of my great grand aunts who died at 22 from TB won a prize for an embroidered petticoat.
    Apart from her birth and death certs, a line on a census form, it’s the only other mention of her life. We cannot locate the family burial location.

    • I like that idea Angela. Wonderful to remember family members who didn’t have children or died young, so that they are remembered.

  2. a great reminder Pauline, thank you and so much good advice. I haven’t visited the Qld State Archives yet should, and visited the NLA once which I loved.

  3. In reply to Christine Leonard.
    The archives offer so much interesting information beyond what has been digitised. It does take some effort to “learn the ropes” but reading their guides help. Happy searching!

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