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  1. Hello Lee, I researched the men whose names appeared on the UQ Honour Board, including William Campbell Thomson. Sad that he died young, and before he had even left Australia. From various sources, he died 8/5/16 – influenza, myocarditis, heart failure, at sea, transport “A”46, Clan MacGillivray [Auth (return of deaths at sea of military ranks, List X 61734.)] and is commemorated on the Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton, according to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. I look forward to the rest of your story in July. Pauline

  2. Thank you for your extracts of the diary of your paternal grandfather who travelled on the SS Clan McGillivray. My great uncle travelled on her a few months later in September 1916. We have no memories of his experiences but I can only assume they were very similar to your grandfather’s.

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