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My Webster ancestors: Part two — 8 Comments

  1. Wonderful Bobbie! Loved reading about your Webster family very much! I will link it to a blog post on

    • Thanks Caylie, glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing the blog on

  2. Now I have an inkling of why you seem to be related to so many people! Great post, Bobbie

    • Thanks Pauline – yep, the Websters who took the giant leap to come to Australia have got LOTS of Aussie descendants!

  3. What an interesting story. How lucky you are to have those
    Family stories. Makes alll the research worth while. Carol Melville

    • Thanks Carol. Yes – my Webster family are an interesting family to research and I’m so grateful that Euphemia Brown Webster’s husband, William White was such a prolific writer in his life-time. His daughter Elizabeth Agnes is my paternal grandmother who was very proud of her Scottish ancestors.