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The New South Wales Regiment of Cavalry — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Meg, I enjoyed reading the story – my great-grandfather who lived in Sydney was a member of the First Regiment Infantry from at least 1895 when his diary that I’ve copied began. We have a picture of him in uniform which is cc1885 so it seems he was in the battalion for a fair while. He was a country lad and a good shot so the Infantry was a good match. I suspect he may have joined because in 1878 a system of partial payment for volunteers was approved and the Sydney Battalion was absorbed into the First Regiment Infantry. This would have been a little supplement for his growing family.

  2. What a fascinating story Meg. I love how a chance find adds so many layers to an ancestor’s story.

  3. This was a great read Meg. You found out so much about a particular regiment based on a chance viewing of a medal. Family history like this tells us so much more about our ancestors than just the facts and figures.