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  1. Great read Beverley, your writing brings these women alive showing how a sudden twist of fate can impact a lifetime. It would be amazing to find out what really happened to Martha Wells.

  2. Thanks Christine, how I would love to solve that mystery! I’m reading Grace Karskens book, People of the River for the second time, ever hopeful that it may shed some light. I have searched inquests, pursued many leads without success. I haven’t given up yet! In fact I am open to suggestions. I thought I could try to contact Grace Karskens (writer of the book I’m reading). She may have some suggestions.

  3. Such inspiring stories Bev and a beautifully written tribute to your ancestors. I loved the comments about the women on the passenger list, they sounded a lively lot, for example, ‘rather loose’, mutinous etc. I too have strong women who after the death of husbands just pulled up their socks and got on with life. My grandmother, widowed young, started her own business and raised her two little girls alone from ages 6 and 7.

  4. Thankyou Rosemary. Your grandmother would be a source of inspiration for you no doubt…what a role model! I really can’t claim to know if my Martha was rebelling against male oppression or perhaps she was a juvenile delinquent (she was only 15 when transported)! On other records she was described as ‘lusty’ and a “bad girl.’I guess when you’re writing these stories it’s a matter of how you interpret the facts you have managed to discover. I could write a totally different story about her based on a different interpretation of the same facts. Having said that, I like to think that perhaps she was a bit of a rebel!

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