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  1. And I take my hat off to you Pauleen Cass.

    Over the time I have known you have supported and encouraged me in my genea-endeavours.

    The wonderful narratives you have shared so generously on your blog are a testament to your commitment to sharing your ancestral stories. You have created a rich resource for genealogists in future generations.

    You generously give your time to the genealogy community through your writing and at in-person and online events.

    Thank you for your continuing genearosity

    • Thank you for your very kind and generous words Jill. You have brought so many of us together as bloggers and mates and led us to RootsTech. Thanks back at you.

  2. I am grateful to serendipity – a customer at work with the same (unusual) surname as my grandmother but with different spelling on his ATM card – I checked with him on the spelling and it was incorrect. He asked how I knew and I told him of my grandmother. Comparing places and occupations he finished with saying get in touch with my niece and gave me her contact details. I didn’t know far enough back to connect so I am extremely grateful to Janet Reakes (RIP)and her books on family history researching showing how and where to research in the days before the internet. Her books alerted me to the lovely people at my local LDS family history centre which was crucial. I am grateful to them because without the FHC and the IGI it would have been many years before I got anywhere and I might not have learnt the old fashioned way that puts me in good stead to evaluate the modern way. Lyn

    • That is a very good point Lynette, that many of us can relate to, the FHC and IGI certainly assisted a number of genealogists way before the internet took off. Thank you for your response.

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