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My Grandma Irvine: Lills Life and her autograph book. — 6 Comments

  1. What a fabulous story of family connections that you’ve unravelled Bobbie, and how sad about the three Webster sons. Lill’s autograph is a treasure. I’ve never seen one with paintings and drawings in it like those…quite spectacular. I also have one but it’s rather mundane. I have mum’s too, I think…hmm, maybe I need to look in my memories box.

  2. It’s amazing how something like an autograph book helped me to work out some of the family relationships and create a timeline of who was where when. Even Aunty Una was unaware that her parents met so much earlier. Thanks so much for your words Pauleen, and yes, your quest for the week maybe to reminisce your way through your memories box.

  3. How wonderful Bobbie. I did have an autograph book back in the day but goodness knows what happened to it! I do however have my late mother in law’s book, given to her around her 21st birthday, which I rescued from the skip when the family were in “clean up mode” after my father in law passed away. It isn’t illustrated, but it does contain numerous handwritten, cheeky ditties and pearls of wisdom. Some of the entries are from family members I’d met in the past but many were from much older people who I’ve come across in my research. I treasure that little book as a connection to my husband’s family.

    • Thanks for your comment Robyn, and I’m thrilled you’ve also got one of these treasured mementos they can certainly throw some good hints into our genealogy research.

  4. Well done Bobbie another great story of family and friends connected over time and place. Yes in the 1960s I was given an autograph book to take to primary school and share with friends but I don’t think it survived after several moves. There’s also a connection with our TJ Webster family as the cousins who lost their lives in WWI. Two of TJs sons were named after these Diggers – my Grandad MTE (Mervyn) and his brother EJ Webster (Eric), while the 3rd son was named after his mother’s brother SJ Webster (Stan).

    • Your jottings re those connections is appreciated Darcelle, I will make a note and also make a note too send you a scan of any other Webster ones I’ve missed. Sadly, my own autograph book is rather mundane compared to Lills.

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