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  1. Social media can indeed be a powerful tool in advancing your family research. A personal example I can remember was when I posted a snapshot of a hand written birth certificate on Google+ seeking help in trying to work out a name. Within minutes several people had responded and half an hour later I had confirmed the name and located further records in the relevant registry.

  2. Yes, we DO live in a wonderful time with so much at hand to find & share family histories. As a teen in the very early 1970s, I listened to the family stories from my father's aunts & uncles, met as many of that generation as possible. Today! I can share those stories (now verified with certificate s, family photos and newspaper data) with relatives near and far. My little family has grown many interesting & varied branches far and wide.

  3. Derek, Thank you for sharing your genealogy/social media 'win'. I'm always wonderfully surprised and appreciative when I hear how generous with their time, advice and resources family historians can be.

  4. Felicity, Thank you so much for reading Tapping Your Roots & for your comment. I remember myself as a tween/teen listening to every story my parents & aunts/uncles would tell me and still pestering them for more 🙂 I'm glad to hear that you have progressed your knowledge of your family & the context in which they lived. May your current & future brickwalls tumble before you.

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