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James Reibey Atkinson – descendant of a pioneering convict. — 4 Comments

      • Hi Pauline

        We recently came across your information about the Stirland family tree and your ancestry. We have been researching a WW1 soldier Elton Stirland Lewis, who we believe is related to your family tree. Joseph and Hannah Stirland are Elton’s grandparents. Your information is a wonderful insight into the Stirland family.

        Our research is for a war museum in Sydney where a piece of shrapnel from a wound that Elton sustained and a handwritten message by him were donated to the museum. Through our research, we are endeavouring to bring Elton’s ‘story’ to life.

        We would love to make contact with you about the Stirlands and maybe share some of our research with you.

      • Hi Barbara
        Thanks for your email. It does appear likely that Elton is also descended from my great grandparents Joseph and Hannah Stirland. They had 15 children. I will be interested to learn what you have discovered about him and his family. I look forward to hearing further from you. Regards Pauline

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