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Joseph and the Tarporley Manor House. — 6 Comments

  1. That’s fascinating! Sometimes just a couple of different family names were linked over several generations through occupation and marriage. Maybe this was the case for the Brooke family and the Burgess family. In the ‘bad old days’ people were at the mercy of so many factors that were beyond their control. Tough times. Your great grandfather was a hard worker and so deserved success. Perhaps you can travel there oneday, Di and visit the Manor house. Plus you could identify the properties owned by your ancestors. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Beverley. I have been to England a couple of times but I’ve not been working on my Burgess Brooke lot. My Couch family were from Port Isaac in Cornwall (Dr Martin country) and I’ve visited there. I’ve also spent time in Wiltshire exploring the places where my Alley family lived. I don’t think I’ll get back again but my cousin Elaine plans a visit next year so I’ll leave it to her to explore and provide the photos. We have seen photos of the inside of the Manor House as it was listed on a Real Estate site for sale. That was interesting. I plant to keep tracking the history of the house and of the Vernon Brookes connection.

  3. A fascinating famiy Di, reminds me of the Forsyte Saga and all the comings and goings around a central family home. Could make a great story!

  4. You might be interested to know the Tarporley Manor House is currently under restoration. I’m no connection & don’t know the owners but noticed the old house, which looked interesting, so I took one or two photos, which I could send you if I had your email. I assume you have seen the photos online of it painted white & looking very smart. It’s a rather sad sight at the moment, but hopefully will be restored to its former glory eventually. Good luck with your family history researches.

    • Thank you for commenting on my blog. I’m sad that the house is looking very sad and I’d love to see your photos.

      I’m waiting on the arrival from our national library of a book “Tarporley: the history of a Cheshire Village” and I’m hoping that will give me more background.

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