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Living with a Family Historian. — 20 Comments

  1. Your blog is a insight into how the ‘other half’ of the team rolls and how important a role it is. From my perspective as hubby was an avid genealogist, I never had to consider how lucky it was for each of us that we didn’t have to consider our partner.
    Thanks for a great read, Peter.

  2. I love this Peter! My husband can relate to this for sure! We’ve become quite a team on the cemetery hunt, he’ll go one way, I’ll go another “ here it is and look at the others I found” or he’ll hold the knee high grass and weeds back so I can get a photo or decipher the inscription. We’ve visited many places in the search for our ancestors with hopefully more to come.

    • Robyn, thank you! My trouble with cemeteries is that I get distracted by “Ooh look, this one’s really interesting” when I should be focussed! Focussed!

  3. Thanks for being on the journey with me for so many years Peter. It’s taken us to lively places, introduced delightful people, and given us a ton of fun adventures. Where would I have been without your support…and tolerance?

    • Hey, cassmob! It has been fun, and places have often been lovely as well as lively. Mind you, the Tiara cemetery or North Shields in the pouring rain. Not so much! Wouldn’t hav3 missed it for quids

  4. I really enjoyed your blog and your humorous accounts of FH hunting. Partners get dragged along but they often end up seeing places they would never have seen and meeting wonderful people!

    • Sue, thank you. It has been (well, OK, mostly 🙂 ) good fun. And only the very occasional dragging along. There is always something interesting going on.

    • Robyn, hi. Yep, good fun. Mind you, the cemetery chook was a bit of a worry – I had to trust it wasn’t somehow related to a drop bear.

  5. Sending so much love to my most favorite husband & wife teams in genealogy overseas, from your friend & American conference presenter. I’m filled with gratitude for meeting you guys at RootsTech! xoxo

  6. A great read and as a FH of over 43 years possibly explains why I have had 3 husbands. You make a great team and wishing you many more genealogy adventures in future.

  7. A great witty funny read!
    Isn’t FH so lucky to have you to help her over locked spikey gates!
    You can tell by reading this that he just loves being FH’s ‘Plus 1’! No better man!

  8. Angela, thank you! High praise indeed!
    Mind you, I’m not sure that I was loving it when I was watching herself straddling that spiked gate and thinking “Jaysus, Mary and Joseph…”

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