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John Irvine – Bootmaker and preacher. — 6 Comments

  1. A sad story, Bobbie, but sensitively told. The death would have had a significant impact on family, wondering if they could have done more.

    • Thank you Pauline, yes – it wasn’t until writing this story that I stopped to think of the impact it must have had on Mary and Clement Parkinson.

  2. It is a sad story Bobbie but beautifully and sensitively told.Unhappily a frequent occurence in families both past and present and always devastating to all involved.

    • It is a sad sory Lyn, and thank you for your comments. As your family albumns etc can attest, the siblings seemed to all be quite close and especially devastating to those in the household at that period, I imagine Mary & Clements youngest two or three may possibly still have been living at home.

  3. What a sad story and a page turner if this was the start of a book. On reading in is inspirational to all would be writers to put their thoughts and life on paper. the open paragraph forces you to wonder what it is about to happen. thank you for detailing a very sad passage of life in your family told in a very sensitive manner

    • Thank you Lesley, sadly I could not find a lot about John’s life except for his preaching and then the sad suicide event. However he spread the word of his love of God widely and I’m sure many lives were effected in a positive way through his teachings.

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