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Revelations from the Register — 3 Comments

  1. Thats awesome. Are there any registers for shipping between Sydney and Brisbane and Brisbane to Sydney from 1826 to 1832. Even histories. My understanding is the ships landed at Amity point at Stradbroke Island then transferred to another vessel which proceeded up the river to Kings wharfe. Is there correct? Are there histories on these?
    Ann Johnson.

  2. Hi Ann. There are digitised registers for the Port of Sydney at the Archives, but they aren’t as detailed as these later records, and they are from 1834 to 1859. It’s laborious but you can go through the digitised files.
    Because of the shallow Brisbane Bar, most large vessels anchored in the bay and goods and passengers were transferred by lighters up the river to Kings Wharf which became Queens Wharf.
    1826 to 1832 was the convict period in Brisbane, and information on shipping may be in the Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence. Trove is always great for tracking ship movements.

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