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In Search of My Queensland Ancestors — 3 Comments

  1. Really enjoyed this article. Many thanks for posting. I’d never heard the term “claypans”, it definitely makes one think of heat, and dryness. I have some Queensland background too. My Irish great-great grandparents settled in Dalby in the 1870’s. Best of luck with your research


  2. Like you Meg, many of my ancestors were Queenslanders, although I was born and reared in N.S.W. In fact all my paternal ancestors lived in Queensland. My great grandfather who was a building contractor travelled around much of the state constructing school buildings and more than a century later, I have enjoyed the priviledge of exploring so many of those locations. Furthermore I have been delighted to discover that many of his buildings are still in use today. All the best with your book. Bev Murray

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