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The Sinking of the Sovereign: a family tragedy — 4 Comments

  1. You write so well, Sue. Sadly they had no choice in their fate, but they were so brave in the face of death and the poor children. Great research into coastal shipping, a topic that is of interest to many of us. A coloured portrait of the Sovereign is held at the Qld Maritine Museum and can be viewed on their facebook page.

  2. What a terrible tragedy! They were doomed weren’t they? Thankfully today’s maritime standards are much better and events such as this tragedy, resulted in improved regulations. Your story makes you appreciate the great risks and dangers our migrating ancestors faced. Thanks for sharing it Sue.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. I was quite shocked how explicit the description of their last moments was as told by the eyewitness and reported in the newspapers at the time. It must have been tragic for family members to read this.

  4. A great story brought to life in such detail. It’s amazing how much information was recorded in the early newspaper articles.

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