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The Next Genealogy Journey – Discovering an Adventurer. — 7 Comments

  1. Great story. I always think there are so many fascinating stories in our ancestors’ lives provided we can track them down as you have painstakingly done. You often don’t know where their story will lead until you get there.

    • So true, Sue. I also think that David’s wife, Matilda, must have been an amazing woman, too. She was raising the children alone most of the time, it seemed. Then to have been matron at the lazaret on Peel Island would not have been an easy job.

  2. As well as sharing an extraordinary story you have given us a useful lesson on how to research, the vast amount of information to be found in newspaper archives, and shown that persistence reaps great rewards. Thank you for a great story.

  3. Thank you, Rosemary. I’m new to blogging so am thankful for this opportunity through GSQ. My aim in my series of blogs is not only to tell a story but also to show how I acquired and confirmed the relevant information. I want to share my mistakes and my successes for the benefit of my readers.

  4. Thanks Ross, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Who would have thought that a newspaper from Tasmania would complete your research of family at the top end of Australia!

  5. I really enjoyed your story Ross and how you were able to confirm the people and events. I travelled a lot through the Solomons and am interested in the black birding history of South Sea Islanders so reading about what happened to the copra traders was also very interesting

  6. A brilliant blog Ross. I enjoyed tracing the steps in your research and as for the story…what a nightmare! I can imagine your delight when you discovered the final proof of identity. After all that’s the wonder of family history research. I look forward to reading your next blog.

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