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Death of a blacksmith. — 12 Comments

  1. A sad but gripping story, Christine. I enjoy your writing. Definitely sounds like murder, but interesting how you have exposed another side of discrimination and its consequences during that period.

  2. Exceptional writing of events that, although so sad, leaves you wondering if only the technology of today could be used on the past, would verdicts be different.

  3. Hi Gayle, yes I’m sure there would be different verdicts. But also unlike today a lot of articles in Trove are quite wordy in length, much more so than today. Even obituaries often times seem to cover a person’s life story. These wordy articles are such a great resource for today’s researchers. We can learn quite a lot.

  4. An excellent account of a tragic story Christine. I can’t help thinking that Endeavour Morse would have solved the crime but of course he is from a different era.

  5. Thanks, Yvonne, going by what we see about world news, Charlie’s story might be indicative of migration stories happening today in various parts of the world.

  6. Interesting story. Yes it smells like murder but an alternative may be that it was a messy suicide. In 1887, in Rockhampton, My great grandfather’s brother, Timothy Cranley, tried unsuccessfully to kill himself by shooting himself in the head whilst alone and drunk. He used four cartridges from a revolver with two bullets lodging in his skull before being surgically removed. In court, facing a charge of attempted suicide, the doctor suggested the thickness of his skull saved him which made the court erupt with laughter. In addition It may have been a percussion revolver which used caps, which had less force than more modern handguns.
    The one used on/by Klaus was probably suitably powerful.

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