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Grave Journeys — 8 Comments

  1. Jill, I lived not too far from Highgate Cemetery in London. Many fascinating graves, not just those interred there, but the memorials themselves. As you say, you can learn a lot from visiting cemeteries.

    • How fortunate for you. The guided tour of Highgate is on my list for a future visit. I’ve read that it can be muddy and slippery there so will have to carefully choose my day.

    • Di,I remember visiting Ballarat Cemetery more than twenty years ago but that was before digital camera days so as I was economical with film in those days I have no images.

  2. Thanks Jill, I thoroughly enjoyed reading of your ‘tombstone tourism’ experiences. How about conducting ‘Tombstone tourism tours’ for genealogists? I’m sure it would be a hit. Like you, I don’t always drive past a cemetery and have spent many hours scraping off the lichen in order to discipher the epitaph.

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