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Early migrants to South East Queensland — 6 Comments

  1. My great grand-father was born after arriving from UK at Ipswich dob 5.10.1878 The family moved to Sydney sometime after this. How do I start to find the boat they arrived on etc?

    • Hi Michelle, If it were me, I’d first obtain a copy of your great grandfather’s birth certificate, as this will give you his parents’ names and details about them. There’s a link to the Queensland BDM site in the blog post. You’re then in a better situation to search online for immigration and other BDM records. GSQ is located in Wishart in Brisbane and we would be more than happy to help get you started. We offer an introductory course several times a year and can also do some research for you – see GSQs website at If you’re not in Brisbane try contacting a family history society in your area. Regards, Pauline

  2. I am descended from both the Trundles and the Voyseys so I “double dip” from the “Fortitude”. A Trundle son married a Rode (of Zion Hill and Rode Road fame) and a Voysey married an Aberdeen.

    • Hi Kay, I’m full of admiration for these early settlers and it was interesting to see the connections between the various families. Some members chose families that were connected in some way to places where they lived. Pauline

    • Hi Bobbie, yes it was a fascinating exercise. So many families whose names are commemorated throughout Brisbane and SE Qld. Pauline

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