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Family History places are precious. — 4 Comments

  1. Fascinating read Bev. The comparison between your English family places and the destruction of your Australian ones highlights yet another new way to look at our family history. My childhood homes and schools are still standing, but we have to wonder for how long. This is a reminder to capture those images before they are lost. Thanks

    • Thankyou Sharon. My experience has certainly taught me to take photos!! Candidly I realise my comment about Austraia being a young country is incorrec! It is in fact a very old country with a long history of our First Nation people…I regret that statement. A reminder that blogs need to be reviewed and edited again and again!!

  2. Bev,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and how lucky are you to be able to visit all those ancestry places. You are correct about Australia. I made a special trip to Adelaide to see the resting place of my great grandparents and my great uncle who I knew as a child at Cheltenham Cemetery, and the monument has been removed and grave reused. At least the Cemetery did provide me with a photo.

    • Thankyou Gayle. I too had a similar experience.. The headstone of my 2 x great grandmother’s grave is now lying horizontally in a number of pieces however, I did manage to see it when it was still vertical and thankfully, I took a photo of it.

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