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Family lost and found — 2 Comments

  1. I am investigating Helen Dalzell, the authoress of Anner, A West-country Tragedy, (1895), but don’t know yet whether it coincides with Helen Lester Dalzell, though it probably could be. Do you have any trace of information about this?

    • Hello Almudena,
      Unfortunately, I have nothing to say that Helen Lester Dalzell was or was not the author of this work. I know that in January 1895 she was living in Devon near Alverdiscott, with her father. She was only 22, so if she was the author she would have been younger than this when the article was submitted for the magazine as it was published in December 1894. Knowing the nature of her father (a strict and domineering parent) I doubt he would have permitted her to publish under her own name. However I would be very interested to learn otherwise!

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