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Finding family connections in unexpected places — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for another interesting blog Pauline. It was certainly a great exercise earlier on looking for traces of both Jared & Enos in the goldfields and I love the picture you found of the mother cradling the baby while still panning for gold.
    I’ve often wondered myself of the huge difference in life for the women of the goldfields, whose tales were usually untold. My own great-grandmother was born at Sandhurst in the same years that your story covered; her mother spent her childhood in Gent (Ghent, Belgium) and then London in a slightly more ‘refined’ life. Was it love that spurred them on or simply a necessity of existance in that period?

    • Thanks Bobbie. I found it interesting as well and really appreciated the assistance from others in researching in Victoria. I think women would have had a hard time in difficult conditions. The fact that Sarah wasn’t involved in reporting her husband’s death and ensuring the Registrar had the correct details may be an indicator that she was in a male-dominated environment.

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