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  1. William Bellamy and Anne Faye were my 4x great Grandparents.Hannah and James Bellamy’s daughter Mary Ann Bellamy married James Shields. Their son Samual married Bertha Bowerman. Their daughter Emily May Shields married John Catt. Their daughter is my mother Hilda May who married Joffre Dunn.

    • Hi Libby,
      Thank you for reading my blog. So, you and my husband Greg have James Shields and Mary Ann Bellamy as your most recent common ancestors (MRCA)! Their son George (so Samuel’s brother) is his 2x great grandfather and married Rebecca Clark. I’ve had a look; you and Greg have a small DNA match also. I’d be happy for you to contact me via Ancestry to swap / share information.
      Robyn Dean

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful information. I am descended from James and Hannah’s daughter Caroline. He is my 4 x grandfather, or 3 x great grandfather. I love the photos. I read in a newspaper clipping that James told Butler not to run, but Butler aimed his musket at James, so James shot him and killed him. So it was self defence…if the papers got it right.

  3. Hi Andrea, Thank you for reading my blog. Who ever knows if the newspapers get everything right but they always make for interesting reading that’s for sure and lead to clues about our ancestors, don’t they!

  4. Ann Bellamy, Zadok’s daughter is my 3G Great Grandmother. I guess that in one way or another, all of the pioneering families of Hills District at all related – Bellamy, Mobbs, Shields, Bevan, Sonter, Kells etc etc

  5. James Bellamy is my 3x Great grandfather through his son Zadock Bellamy and his son Raymond Barry Bellamy and his son Neville Raymond Bellamy who was my grandfather and his daughter Narelle Faye Bellamy who is my mother. I am Peter Richard O’Donnell and I have a strong interest in family history and despite my surname I consider myself very much a Bellamy 🙂

    • Nice to meet yet another of my husband’s Bellamy relatives Peter! When I found that book and then wrote my Blog I had no idea of the extent of the Bellamy family that’s for sure. It’s fascinating exploring family history and learning of the connections! Thank you for taking the time to read this and make your comment.

  6. Love to see all this wonderful information Robyn! Great research. I myself am a Bellamy relative, as I am the granddaughter of Jack Smith (from who one of those photos of the homestead is courtesy of), who was the son of Beatrice Bellamy. Our family still lives in West Pennant Hills today. In fact, I myself live in what was once Beatrice’s house. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  7. Thank you Jessica, it’s lovely to find so many connections with my husband’s Bellamy family and to be able to piece together more of his family tree. How special to live in Beatrice’s house. The homes both myself and my husband grew up in (in Ermington)have been demolished to make way for huge brick homes which take up the whole block.

    • Oh, you were not too far at all 🙂 The thought of that happening makes me feel as if there is a lump in my throat. It’s sad that we come to expect that as the fate of our beloved homes these days, particularly in Sydney. We are fortunate here, for now, but I do hope we will remain here for many more generations. My brothers and I were 6th generation to attend the West Pennant Hills Public School as patroned by James Bellamy and I hope we can keep the tradition alive, so to speak haha.

  8. Good reading on your blog Robyn. I am descended from James and Hannah Bellamy’s daughter Charlotte through her first marriage to John Rogan II.

    • Thank you taking the time to read my blog Kerry. I haven’t been past St Pauls for a while as we no longer have family in the area, but I recall it being used as a bookshop at one stage if my memory serves me correctly. How lovely to have visited and to have taken photos.

  9. p.s. The old St Paul’s church with Hannah’s vestry is now part of a funeral director’s premises, Allan Drew. They very kindly allowed us to visit and take photos etc.

  10. Hi Robyn
    I only discovered your blog this afternoon. It is so interesting to me. William Z Bellamy and Ann Faye are my 4th Great Grandparents. James Z Bellamy and Hannah Singleton are therefore my 3rd Great Grandparents.
    My Great Grandparents Are Alfred Smith and Rachael Shields. These are ancestors on my Grandmothers side.
    I live in West Pennant Hills and fee a real attachment to the area.

  11. Hi Terence,
    Thank you for reading my blog. While my husband and I grew up in Ermington, we married at St Matthew’s West Pennant Hills, but at the time had no idea of the family connection to the area!!

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