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  1. Hi Lyndall
    I was interested in your comment about 'journeymen'. I understood this term applied to someone who had completed an apprenticeship and was then working to gain more experience before becoming a 'master'. Many journeymen never rose to the height of 'master', but continued to work for someone else throughout their life. I enjoyed your post and the accompanying photos. Pauline

  2. Hi Lyndall I enjoyed your post and hearing about your trip. My understanding of journeyman is someone who has finished their apprenticeship and are doing as your two young journeymen were doing travelling around honing their skills, before settling down in an area to work in their trade. .

  3. Pauline & Helen, Thank you both so much for your positive comments and information about journeymen. Understanding this concept more has really gotten me to thinking how we might find ancestors who look like they are 'missing'. If they've are travelling after 'graduation', this may explain why there seem to be gaps in family groups, particularly in records ie censuses.

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