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Going local can turn up interesting information. — 6 Comments

  1. Thank-you Bobbie and Pauline for this interesting blog. I thought you had both gone on a holiday but genealogist never rest, always searching for more information and resources to enrich our family histories.

    • Thanks Catherine, the little Magnetic Island Museum with a local history section was a complete surprise to us. How wonderful if you had ancestors who had lived on the island during the past, it’s such a magic place that we thoroughly enjoyed exploring. My foray with our other friend further west to Charters Towers & Ravenswood was equally fab, as they are both such historic places in early Queensland times with many buildings of the times remaining in Charters Towers. I think my looking into her family history with her added such a personal interest touch to each day there.

  2. It’s time we revisited “Maggie” and check out the museum. My family holidayed on Maggie every few years when I was a child as did mum when she was a child. Her uncle (or cousin?) had a guest house at Cockle Bay as I recall. Something to follow up. Charters Towers is a lovely old town but sadly my great-grandparents’ refreshment rooms have been demolished.

    • How lovely to have connections to both those spots Pauleen and what great memories you must have of your childhood holidays there.

  3. Like you girls, I also enjoy visiting local history societies and museums when I am travelling. one of my most exciting discoveries was about the death of my 2X great grandmother’s second husband at Menzies in WA. A death certificate does not exist for him but there is a newspaper record as well as a documented record in the Police Gazette which I found with the enthusiastic assistance of the local history volunteers at Kalgoorlie.

    • How great Bev, the small local family history centres and museums around the world are full of discoveries waiting to happen.

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