GSQ BlogAccentuate the Positive challengeAccentuate the Positive – 2021 (in Jan 2022).


Accentuate the Positive – 2021 (in Jan 2022). — 4 Comments

  1. Bobbie reading your successes and reflections on 2021 gave me a real lift, thank you for sharing. It is a great way to record your Genie year. Congratulations on the book, what a wonderful achievement and such an important legacy for the next generations to treasure.

    • Thanks for your compliment Rosemary. I do enjoy this challenge each year as it gives me time to reflect on what at first glance seems to be a bit of a nightmare, but then to realise just how fortunate I am.

  2. Bobbie – thank you for your inspiring post, you have achieved so much this year. I have added it to the list of posts at

    I also wish to highlight your role as coordinator of the GSQ blog which sets the standard for other societies around Australia and the world who should be following your example by giving their members and friends an opportunity to share their stories, opinions and advice on the blogging platform.

    • Thank you Jill for your compliments and remarks on our GSQ blogs, I’m very proud of all our bloggers and their efforts.
      This Accentuate the Positive really made me stop and ‘smell the roses’ even more so than my one a year ago. It’s a good mind-booster which I recommended to my friend & GSQ Blogs co-editor Pauline Williams. Pauline has also taken up the challenge with her post scheduled for this coming Monday 🙂

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