GSQ BlogBobbie EdesPrecious items evoke precious memories.


Precious items evoke precious memories. — 6 Comments

  1. What a treasure to have. You must have felt so close to your dad when you were restoring his furniture so lovingly made for your mum. Thanks for sharing those memories, Bobbie.

  2. A lovely story Bobbie. Your dad obviously had a love of timbers and an eye for design to craft such a stylish piece. Certainly a treasure to be passed down through your family.

  3. Thanks Rosemary, yes – he put a lot of love into his pieces, the matching china cabinet was even more beautiful, my niece treasures that.

  4. How wonderful to have those lovely piece Bobbie. You have inherited some of your dad’s skill and patience! My mum did a similar restoration job on a china display cabinet which is now in her Aged Care room.

    • Thank you Pauleen. How lovely that your Mum did similar and has that piece she’s so familiar with in her room now, hopefully it brings her a special sense of calm.

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