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  1. Pauleen, your blog will certainly hit the spot with many of us. I find it really hard to dispose of anything I have that has a special memory attached to it. Some items don’t tug at the heartstrings as much as others, so they are easier to ‘let go’. Your mum was a beautiful knitter and hopefully the cape is something you’ll be able to preserve; thankfully paper mementos are somewhat easier to archive correctly. Lots of decisions loom for us all.

  2. I hear you, Pauleen, but sit in my sizeable study surrounded by shelves, cartons and bags of treasures – I need serious help. As both you and Alex Daw have recommended Devon and Andrew’s book this week I will invest in a digital copy.

    BTW We sent all our precious grandparents’ brown furniture off to auction and replaced it with white IKEA and Freedom Furniture – it was difficult at the time but so liberating and more appropriate for a smaller home.

  3. This is such a difficult problem. I have items from my great grandmother that nobody in the family would want. Starting to think of what i should do with them to ensure they do t get thrown in the bin. Now that the paperwork has all been digitised I’m ready to give it all away to societies etc

  4. Hello the lovely Pauleen – oh yes, this is an agonizing topic indeed for many of us. Just yesterday I tipped out onto the matrimonial bed all the baby clothes that we have kept over the years – mine and the children’s. Stuff my mother had made for me and that I had made for the kids. Some items were soiled or mildewed – very sad. Our climate does not help here in Queensland. I think I am going to have to chuck a heap of stuff but some I will record for posterity.

    • Oh gosh Alex, that’s so hard when you have your own baby clothes as well. All mine and my kids got passed down to cousins (mine were mostly from cousins when I got them). Yes, that’s a great idea to record even those you decide to dispose of. Bobbie

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