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  1. Beautifully written Robyn, and something worthwhile we should all do for those that follow us. How I wish my parents had done this for me.

  2. Thanks Helen, if only! I’m still lucky to have Mum but how I wish I could ask my dad and grandparents all those questions I now ponder over!

  3. An interesting read Robyn. We had to wait for my father to get home from work so we didn’t have tea till 7pm while we listened to the ABC 7 O’clock news on the radio.

  4. Robyn, We weren’t allowed to talk at the dinner table until we were teenagers, and then my brothers all thought they knew more than Dad and Mum.
    Love your story. And what a treasure you and Greg have to give to your children.

  5. A great reminder for all of us to do this. I have started by writing about topics from my life, such as jobs I had over the years and the funny and not so funny incidents I experienced. If starting at the beginning of your life seems too daunting it may be a good way to ease into it, I think.

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