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  1. I definitely agree, Joan. I’ve been trying to find photos of my childhood homes – even the streets would suffice – but re-development has changed the areas completely. Pauline

  2. The Nebe’s are my family ancestors! I remember my father showing me this picture in a published genealogical booklet. The photo named each person in the photo. I would love to find and obtain this booklet but I am unsure who compilated and published it.
    My great grandfather was Andreas Nebe (1882-1944), his father was Christian Nebe (1848-1921). My father said that, he believed, this was Christian’s brothers’ family in this photo. We were also interested in, what looks like, a wind mill/turbine in the background.
    If you could help me clarify some people in the photo I would appreciate it.

  3. Good afternoon Could you please pass on to Joe Nebe as he didn’t give me his email address that we are cousins. His gt grandfather and my gt grandfather Andreas and my gt grandmother Anna were brother and sister. I am sorry to bother you but he didn’t give me his email address. Thank you
    Joan Riek

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