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History in Paradise – Norfolk Island AFFHO Congress – August 2022 — 12 Comments

  1. What a wonderful experience indeed! I was deeply affected by the malevolence and violence associated with the penal settlement juxtaposed against the absolute natural beauty of Norfolk Island! Thankyou Pauline, for highlighting the value of writing family stories from different perspectives. This can be so enlightening!

  2. I should add that I can recall being in London in February, 1988 and witnessing the annual march commemorating the execution of poor Charles I and being affected by the horror of an execution on what was a rather lovely sunny day in London. My reaction to Norfolk Island was similar in a way, I guess.

  3. This is such a great post Pauline. Thank you for sharing your learning and thoughts. I particularly like the idea of that writing exercise. It sounds really useful and something I hadn’t thought of before. Great idea to test perspective/context. I do so hope to get to Norfolk one day. Larissa Behrendt is such a great speaker isn’t she?

    • Hi Alex, Thanks for your comments. I found Larissa Behrendt such an inspiring speaker and her talks caused me to rethink how we can unconsciously put our own perspective on recording stories. Pauline

  4. Thank you Pauline. This is a wonderful post. I was supposed to be at the Congress, but thwarted by ‘the plague’. Larissa Behrendt is indeed excellent. These days I find it hard to consider the lives of my 19th century early ‘settlers’ in Australia, without also taking into account the effect on indigenous people, particularly Tas/VDL in the 1820’s -30’s.
    Re the perspective from which we write, it’s an age old dilemma. Any writer of history should be aware of the values filter we are consciously or unconsciously employing. Difficult though. Was Imogen Wegman the map person?

    • Hi Rosie, It was a pity you weren’t able to get to Congress. Often it’s the opportunity to reflect on what we do and how we do it that stays with me after an event like that. Yes, Imogen Wegman was the map person, she stepped in at the last moment and her talk was really interesting. Pauline

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