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The Cass Clan — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Peter – not ramblings at all. Really well written and perhaps because you know the subjects so well. Particularly interesting reading about your parents as teachers in country Victoria given I have just written a post on a similar theme only a lot earlier in Victoria’s history. Mine seems very rambling in comparison and stilted too. It so helps having photos of your ancestors doesn’t it? and isn’t that Museum building a beauty?

    • Alex, thank you. Many thanks to my. Mother for her present of an album of photos of several ancestors. My g-g-g-grandmother and her sister conducted a school for young ladies in Retford, Nottinghamshire, for many years in the early 1800s. The museum building was also the head office of the Fire Brigade.

  2. A great story to share about your family. What an important role they played in Education in the Territory of Papua New Guinea,later PNG. And of course, the fab photo of your grandfather.

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