Finding my father. — 4 Comments

  1. What a lovely story. You’ve said many things that resonate with me. I enjoyed reading it very much and I’m envious of your writing style. Thank you.
    Yvonne Tunny

  2. In July 1969 I was transferred to Lae PNG as the local Representative of my Company to assist the Australian Government through the PNG Dept of Trade and Industry in the transition of the Local Village People from a barter system to a Cash trading society.I travelled all over PNG. Regularly visiting Bougainville. Generally I would fly in from Rabaul to Buka and after a day onto Kieta. I can always remember Mal Mal Drive and the beautiful Rain Trees. Unfortunately the road was always “chewed-up” by the heavy machinery going up to Panguna Mine. After a few days I would fly onto Buin before returning home to Lae. My business was with the Agricultural Officers of the Dept of Ag Stock & Fisheries and also the Co-operative Officer of Dept of Business Development. Through those connection I may have met your Father. I did visit Innis Plantation and met the famous Coast Watcher. I regret that as it was a long time ago my memory is fading.I always enjoyed my visits to Bougainville. Your story brings back to me a wonderful time of my life – Thank you. Paul Cummings

  3. thanks Paul, your job must have been very interesting. Cargo Cult was quite strong in some places around that time. Mum had a shop in Kieta, Island Casuals. Did you stay at the Davara or hotel in Kieta? My uncle, Bill Hallam, started Arovo Island Resort. I need to check if it was completed by 1969. I am writing a memoir of growing up on plantations in the ’50s and ’60s. Kieta was just a beautiful place, A lot of the rain trees are still there.
    regards Christine

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