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Queensland Nurse – Agnes Katharina Isambert — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Marg Doherty on this detailed history of my distant cousin Agnes Isambert. Agnes was a first cousin of my grandmother Katie McCormack. My mother Catherine Mary McLary was a Queensland nurse during WW11 and spoke fondly of Cousin Agnes. We had some brass momentos on the lounge room mantle piece that Agnes has obtained in Egypt and sent home to her cousin. Each Anzac Day my mother would tell of the bravery & dedication of Agnes & the Australian nurses. Agnes was the only nurse in the family from her generation and my mother the only nurse in the next generation. I’m 3rd generation nurse & my daughter Rachael Shineton & niece Catherine Daly 4th generation nurses. Thank you Marg for this blog

    • Thanks Liz for your comments. I found Agnes a very interesting person. She had so many setbacks but pushed on with resilience. I hope you didn’t mind me putting in the background as it showed how she overcame obstacles.

      • Dear Marg. I enjoyed your account of the difficult life & childhood experienced by Agnes & didn’t mind that you included this in your blog. I was previously aware that her parents had spent some time in prison & the young family in an orphanage. What an amazing woman to have overcome these circumstances and to have achieved so much as an army nurse. Thank you. Liz McCormack

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