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Questions for Rosina — 7 Comments

  1. These are such great questions and ones I have often thought about. It is hard to find any personal stories particularly for women so you do start musing on what they may have done.

    • Thanks for your positive comments Sue. This post came very quickly to mind and I realised I was putting into writing questions that had been circling through my mind, on and off, for ages. Sometimes I think it helps us to step back from searching for the facts, data, answers and allow ourselves to just … mull. All the best with your own research.

      • So beautiful a letter…A wonderful read..more so that Johann and Rosina were my 3x great grandparents. My mother was Joan Neale nee Maag her father was Claude Maag, Claudes wife was Mabel Maag Claudes father was William and Willams father Johann.. Warm Regards Sue

  2. Don’t we wish we could sit all our ancestors down (particularly the female ones) and ask them such questions as Lyndall included in her Blog. A delight to read!

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