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Questions for Uncle George — 3 Comments

  1. Congratulations Lyndall on this well-crafted story. Loved the ‘rhetorical questions’ approach, given many questions remain unanswered. It could even be titled “Letter to my dear uncle”. Nicely enhanced with pictures.After sniffing the roses, hope you’ll push on with the next report of your sherlockian efforts.

  2. Well done Lyndall. You have invoked, and captured, the sense of curiosity so many of us have about the lives of our departed kin. The questions still remain, and we may never find the answers, but those who went before are certainly not forgotten. May they rest in peace and may we always honour and treasure their legacy to us.

  3. In the early hours of the morning you came through, once again, with a blog to stimulate our curiosity, to prod us into asking questions, and at least, to search for information into our family history. Congratulations, my daughter. Love Mother

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