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Researching the Whites of Bletchingley and Godstone in Surrey. — 4 Comments

  1. What a wonderful blog especially for beginners as it has step by step researching directions and outcomes. Thoroughly enjoyed the read! Thank you – a pleasure to read.

  2. Thank you Gayle, writing the story was a bit of a trip down memory lane with how we used to do things and I find that the habits gained then still assist today with going through a whole register. I did that just last night on a new family I’m researching and found another child born between census years. In communities where grandparents often looked after their kin due to both parents working with maybe the father at sea, sometimes these youngsters get missed.

  3. Hi Bobbie,
    Well this was a fantastic find. I am descendent of James Webster and Elizabeth Repath. I too have visited Dunino but was fortunate to visit the Pagen Den. My 2nd Great Grandfather was David Webster and Great Grandmother was Elizabeth Martha Webster who married Henry Holland Goodwill. My husband and I have been following our ancestors trail in England, Ireland and Scotland since 2018 but of course we had to return to Australia due to COVID. We have returned to continue our travel and ancestor trails and arrived back in England July 2022 and that is when we visited Dunino. We return back to Australia in August 2023 but would love to keep in contact. My Mum was very, very close to Grandmother and she will be so pleased on hearing and reading your findings on the Websters. Hope to hear from you soon. Tracey

  4. Thanks so much for making contact Tracey, what a serendipitous moment that you came across my 2019 blogs mentioning my Webster family. This recent story follows my White line which Elizabeth Brown Webster married into, William White and Elizabeth are my great grandparents.
    I shall email you in the next couple of days and look forward to swapping tales. This in indeed one of the benefits of being amongst our great stable of GSQ weekly bloggers.

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