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Reviewing progress so far and maybe catching up — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Pauline,
    Having ‘stumbled’ across your post, I was interested to read of your Paddock family connections, as I have collated a fair amount of information about the surname, with a focus on the Shropshire / North Wales area.
    Based on my research, may I offer a second and independent opinion in support of your finding that your 3 x great-grandfather was probably one and the same as George Paddock baptised at Overton in 1806. In my opinion, based on readily available surviving records, he’s the only one who ‘fits the bill’ at the time of his marriage in 1837 – the bachelor son of a farmer named Richard!
    Moreover, as you note, there is circumstantial evidence to support the likelihood, such as the occupational connection of bootmaking with the various cordwainers and shoemakers of Overton, and I can also offer some additional observations with regards the surname (which derives from Parrock in the area concerned).
    I’m more than happy to elaborate and share ideas and information, including about possible earlier origins of the Overton line. My email address is: .
    Sincere regards,

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