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  1. You are so lucky to have such wonderful memories of your grandmother as both of mine died when I was only a few years old. A wonderful story, Bobbie.

  2. I loved reading the story of your grandmother, Bobbie. Thank you for sharing it. I am sure that all of us who are Grandmothers hope that our grandchildren will remember us with as much love and affection!

  3. Yes, Lyn – grandchildren are certainly one of life’s treasures and I am sure that both yours will always have fabulous memories of you. You are a wonderful example of a great ‘Nana’.

  4. Bobbie what a beautiful story and so well written with love for your Grandma. Your research has bought to the reader a great history in time and place. Thank you for sharing

  5. Thank you for a really great story. I found your blog while researching the Sommer family – in particular Ruby Mary Sommer who married John Henry Crepin. The Crepin name is linked to our family through one of my grandmothers.

    • Thanks for your comment Richard. I don’t hae Ruby in my tree, but gather she may be the daughter of Friedrich/Frederick Sommer. I would like to get in touch via your email if that’s ok with you?

  6. You packed a lot of information in this story, Bobbie. The little glimpses of daily life over the years really add to the many facts you have found, and brought back memories of my own, such as holidays at Tamborine Mountain, and walking to places, instead of driving – as we do now. Those were the days.

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