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The story behind a photograph — 8 Comments

  1. If you love old photos you will enjoy a Facebook page I follow – Swindon Images (Of Days Gone By). My paternal family are from Swindon in the UK & these pics are great.

  2. Cathie, no wonder you love old photographs, they tell such wonderful stories.

  3. Thanks Helen – they do tell wonderful stories and this story unearthed even more photos from Donaldson descendants – a bonus!

  4. Yes, I also love old photographs and those two portraits of Fannie show her as a strikingly beautiful lady right through into old age. It’s a really interesting story too, of a lovely friendship lasting a lifetime.

    • It is a great story Bobbie with so much more than what I could fit in a blog post.

  5. I also love and treasure the photos we have, they bring our ancestors to life as we discover their stories.

    • The best part about this story was finding Fannie’s link to important early Queenslanders – a poet and an artist.