1. Excellent article Lorri. These microfilms are a wonderfully under used asset of GSQ and unique to us. Hopefully they will be scanned as a priority to preserve for future members to appreciate as constant use is wearing and marking them.

    • Thanks Bobbie, Just when you think there are no clues to be found, these records are invaluable, as is the knowledge of many of our long serving and knowledgeable Library Assistants. Cheers Lorri

  2. Great blog Lorraine, so glad you brought to attention this INCREDIBLE and underutilised resource! These are perhaps some of the MOST important records in all of Australia, containing original images of First Fleet baptisms, marriages and burials. I have to concus with Bobbie above – these should be a priority for GSQ to have digitally scanned so we can search through as PDF’s instead of using and reusing the microfilm. I have already seen whole maiden names scratched out. Joy Murrin has said herself, that what we have here is better than what they have in the NSW Registry – and that’s because we often have both copies of the original. At times you might see 2 results appear in the NSW online indexes, and this refers to two separate recordings of the marriage, baptism or burial. I encourage everyone to look at both, as they are often not exactly the same. Further to this, Lorraine the “B” on a volume actually refers to the “next” microfilm because sometimes the film roll ended and they began the next one to finish a volume. Therefore your 42B you needed would have been on the next roll. I can’t say enough about how important and vital these records are to GSQ as a resource to members, and perhaps as an income generator if we can get a partnership with Ancestry or FMP – let them do the digital scans with their advanced technology, and then GSQ can earn income each time someone pays for an image on that site. Thank you Lorraine! 🙂

    • Thanks Annalies, and thank you for clarifying the ‘B’ and you are quite correct it was on the second roll of film.
      I agree, the records should be scanned and preserved in the most up-to-date manner available.
      There is so much information which needs attention, but this falls upon the willing shoulders of ‘the few’. A
      collaborative effort is required, perhaps something to be discussed at a M.C. Meeting? Cheers Lorraine

      • Yes totally agree, it’s a big job and there are so few who have the time to do it. Definitely needs to be a collaborative effort and maybe together with QFHS and some other QLD willing societies. State Library of QLD has a great community digitizing facility too…

  3. Postscript – GSQ has now looked into the copyright of these films and it appears that sadly, the terms will not allow us to digitise the films.

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