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The Who’s Who of my family tree — 8 Comments

  1. An interesting blog Cathie giving us a look into the lives of several of your close & distant relatives. Your Mum was certainly a beautiful young lady with an infectious smile.

  2. Wonderful Cathie, loved reading about everyone, and especially about the Dunedin connections. Pity not connected to them yet, but you never know one day. Love the bit you have done about your parents, just beautiful and well fitting for the Who’s Who. Your Mum was very beautiful and I can see who you take after.

  3. I enjoyed reading this Cathie, our ancestors have such interesting tales to tell about their lives. Did you inherit you mother’s lovely singing voice by any chance?

  4. Now Robyn – that is not a question to ask because No, I did not inherit Mum’s singing voice – a fact of which I was constantly reminded by her singing teacher who also taught me!

  5. I am also Frances Hodgkins’ second cousin twice-removed. I am descended from John Skottowe Parker’s sister, Anne Langford Skottowe Parker, who married Joseph Reid and emigrated to New Zealand. I am currently writing a book on the Parker family of Passage West (have just published one on the Skottowe family), so would love you to get in touch with me via the email I have left.

    Marian Press

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