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  1. I think you’ve summarised it very well. Peter… I also think that our lives, whether it be personally or re genealogy or even contact with distant family, will have changed quite a bit, at least for the foreseeable future. That has some advantages, but there is nothing like face to face communication.
    We will continue to adapt and we will get through these trying times.. As for the sorting out… still in the thinking stage.

    • Chris, thanks! re contact with distant family – watching our grandson’s team playing in their national championships via YouTube and Kayo is not nearly the same as being there!

  2. I do hope you’re around next year Peter. I enjoyed your blog and isn’t it strange how we wonder if our grandchildren would value their great grandparent’s treasures? They are precious to us but may be “baggage” to the young minimalists. There’s one thing advantageous about COVID-19 and lockdowns for me – I’ve been able to do lots of family research. Happy Days!

    • Valid points, Di. The good news is that Peter has agreed to do a blog about this time in 2022, so we’ll all be looking forward to how life have evolved since now. Changes indeed.. It was such a relative title

    • Di, thank you. My apologies for being so tardy in replying. I think one of the biggest problems is that we have possessions than our grandparents and great-grandparents, and really little space for inherited furniture and the like, and we often live far away, so it does become an issue. The benefits of modern technology in preserving memories are very welcome, though.
      I have no idea what next year’s blog will entail. Let’s hope we all come through the next twelve months safely!

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