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Childhood memories of living above the shop. — 7 Comments

    • I totally agree Pauline, and a fitting follow on from Lyn’s “Amelia’s Story” Our GSQ Blog posted in September 25 2017.

  1. Thanks Lyn for the memories of Lex, my own Dad’s 2nd cousin. I remember Lex as a beautiful soul and a gentleman of the old school, a trait shared by his cousin Ian as well as my father. It’s a pleasure to have his memories feature in our GSQ blog for this week.

  2. Thanks everyone for the interest in Lex’s memories of living above the shop and for your lovely comments. Lex would have been chuffed to read them!

  3. Wonderful, Lyn! Good neighbors, whether living next door or working downstairs, are such a treat aren’t they 😉

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