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  1. Great post Jill. Many wise comments in there. I especially like “offer to pay” and I include church assistance whose core business isn’t providing people with a swag of data. I also like “when in doubt, don’t”…or ask.

  2. Well done Jill, for highlighting so much here that seems prevalent now, and many that sound familiar.

    As a former young genie, arriving in archives and history fairs at the age of 17, I felt daunted, feared, mistrusted, and utterly unprepared and in need of some friendly advice… and it took fair amount of courage and determination from within myself to want to persevere with my cause of just wanting to research my family.

    I’d like to think that I haven’t (or won’t) become the kind of person that made me feel uncomfortable like those I met when I was younger. There’s always room for all, and always room for improvement, so thank you for calling out the above.

  3. I love this post, Jill! I’ll be quoting from it for quite some time (with proper attribution, of course).

    It was a joy working with you as we prepared the RootsTech panel discussion. I’m happy to see that you’re keeping the conversation going!

  4. As GSQ Blog Editor I have the pleasure of reading through many great blogs before entering them into the system. When I read Jill’s blog my immediately thought was a huge ‘Well done’. Jill, you have put into writing all those issues which we must look out for during our genealogy life and I can personally relate to a number of the points.
    Thank you so much for a thought provoking read.
    Bobbie Edes
    GSQ Blog Editor

  5. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and thanks to GSQ for inviting me to be one of their guest bloggers.

    I hope this post makes people think about their actions. I believe that we are a kind and caring community but sometimes we just need a little nudge to help us along the way.

  6. Great post Jill. I also remember attending genealogy events in my mid 20’s and feeling not only very unwelcome, but also like some sort of curiosity to be gawked at by everyone else there. Even those of us with the best intentions need to be reminded to have a look at our own habits and behaviours from time to time!

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