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  1. Helen, this reminded me of a small book given to me by our daughter a couple of years ago, “My Mum, Her Stories, Her Words”. My husband received a similar book; “My Dad…”. Each page was headed by a question eg “What type of house did you grow up in, what was the neighbourhood like?”, “What type of music did you listen to?”, “What was the craziest or most impulsive thing you ever did?” and many, many more, covering our childhoods, adolescence, early parenthood etc. As the pages were small, I retyped the questions onto the computer and we both typed our answers. A number of answers took several pages to relate. Some memories and experiences were easy to recall, some required a bit more thought. Some memories were happy, some painful. We wanted to be entirely honest. Once we completed our recollections, I made copies, giving one to each of our two daughters and keeping one for our family history folders. We were both very pleased this gift had prompted us to record aspects of our past. How I wish our ancestors had done the same.

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